Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Community Green Vacation Rentals

Yoga and Activity Space

Community Yoga Barn Hawaii

The Yoga Barn is a peaceful place to face the sunshine and roll out your mat for a solo or group asana practice. Hedonisia happily provides an assortment of mats to use at your discretion, and the space is built atop a padded floor, perfect for safe practicing. There is often a certified yoga instructor onsite, and yoga and meditation classes are coordinated in advance based on availability. This amenity is included as a part of your nightly stay, at no additional charge.

The yoga barn is also equipped with various workout tools, books, games, and blankets. There are three different resting places in the yoga barn for Guest’s to enjoy a short nap or relax. Guests commonly use this space to catch up on computer time, watch a movie, or listen to music. There’s even have a variety of art supplies, including coloring books, sketch pads, colored pencils, markers, and so much more!

Eco Community Yoga Barn Hawaii

Eco Community Yoga Barn

This is the largest common area on the property, and certainly the most popular. The rafters in the ceiling allow space for a hammock, and under special circumstances, Hedonisia is able to accommodate this space for emergency camping, provided the Guest has a tent. Stretch. Breathe. Cozy up. And enjoy the Barn!