Tiny Home Hawaii: Eco-Community Investor Program

After the volcano destroyed our original community it turned the land into a blank slate. It is a strange benefit that we now have the opportunity to start anew and correct mistakes we made in the past! One of our new ideas will is the Tiny Home Hawaii Program.

Since the eruption, we have visited the property on reconnassance missions. For example, the photo above shows Mojo the Community Director on a property survey of post-volcano Hedonisia. February 2019.

The remaining green land that was not covered by lava is approximately 1-acre in size and is a giant c-shape. This is the Hedonisia Kipuka which can be seen from the photo above and the diagram below. This kipuka provides a lovely green natural feature for us to build around.

We have taken photos and designed a future layout outline of the lodgings, community spaces, and gardens based on the new contours of the land.

Hedonisia Tiny Home Hawaii TimeShare Income Program

The Tiny Home Hawaii Program is an ideal option for those who want to live part-time in Hawaii and be part of our special community.

Investors in our Tiny Home Hawaii Program receive a small income from volunteers, interns or guests who stay in their residence when they are not there.

2020 Helicopter View of Post-Volcano Hedonisia Property

As can be seen in the diagram, each tiny home in Hawaii will have a sweeping ocean view and privacy walls built of lava rock. Lava rocks are one resource we have plenty of!

The Hedonisia Tiny Home Hawaii TimeShare Income Plan is limited to 4-5 applicants! The area in front of the new Hedonisia kipuka is where we will set aside spaces for approved applicants to build their own tiny home in Hawaii.

Learning from our 14 years experience as a community, we have designed a new community layout that allows longer term part-time community residents to enjoy a tiny home in Hawaii!

Part-time residents will not have to pay a land rental fee. Instead they will receive a small share of any income from guests or volunteers who stay at their tiny home when they are not there. Tiny Homeowners can choose a residency contract for 3, 5, or 7 years with a mutual option to renew.

The Hedonisia Kipuka has a height of approximately 50 feet. This allows it to act as a natural privacy barrier for all the tiny homes from the general community area. Tiny Home Hawaii residents will be able to join into the community whenever they feel and then retire to privacy in their tiny home when they wish!

However, we must wait till the government builds roads to the area again which they have already started to do. In the meantime, visit we are creating a mini-Hedonisia Solitiude Artist Colony on a nearby piece of land which we also own.

You are welcome to book a stay there so you can check out the area!