Social Entrepreneur in Hawaii

Activist, Social, EcoFeminist Entrepreneurs in Hawaii!

Interns, guests or volunteers are welcome to work on their own entrepreneur projects. If you need additional spaces or resources to work on your project, just let us know and we can offer a customized stay!

For entrepreneurs, we have a free tool for you! The Hedonisia Social Entrepreneur Business Plan Template is a google doc so you can copy and customize it for your business and start the process of giving life to your idea!

It may take years for a dream to come true but if you persevere, it can happen!

Mojo the Community Director, had the general concept of Hedonisia in his head since he was 18! This little dream made it much more bearable to live in the ‘normal’ working world because he knew that one day, he would ‘escape’ and live according to his ideals! 

It took years but Hedonisia became a thriving and continually evolving ecofeminist community until the volcano destroyed it!

Apply for Hedonisia Pioneer or Residential Volunteer Programs! Taking reservations from December 2019! For more info please contact: Mojo – Community Director 808-269-2825