Tiny Home Rentals: Interns, Volunteers or Guests

Rustic Tiny Home in Hawaii!

Phase 2: January 1 -  Nov 15, 2021

Hawaii Rentals for Resident Interns, Volunteers or Guests

For our first jungle tiny home, we are looking for pioneers who wish to live in rustic solitude! As an off-grid tiny home with few amenities, we are creating a peaceful private space for residents to work on Hedonisia and their own creative projects.

Because our first building is a single rustic cabin, we are only offering Hawaii rentals for a minimum 3-month stay during this period.

Hedonisia Tiny Home allows much more time for you to settle down and be creative in ‘island time’! Our eco-hut is close to Kehena Beach and other Hawaii attractions!

We are seeking long-term applicants who can use our creative space.

Building the Hedonisia Hawaii Tiny Home!

Hedonisia Tiny Home Rental will offer scaled-down Guest, Intern and Volunteer programs for those who wish to do Heart, Body or Mind work to enjoy a discounted stay. Phase 2 is ideal for the creative person or couple who wants to enjoy affordable solitude in Hawai!

You will have ample free time to get a job in town. Or you can enjoy your free time being an ‘eco-tourist’ in one of the most beautiful islands, Hawaii!

Based on their experience and interests, volunteers or interns can still apply to work on any of the sites in the Hedonisia Creative & EcoFeminist Entrepreneur Portfolio as part of their Mind Work. We have a wide ranging portfolio covering a range of subjects. Please indicate the website(s) that match your interests.

Community Director Mojo will live in the new Hedonisia Solitude for part of every year. Then it will be free for rentals under our guest, intern and volunteer programs. During this period, he can work virtually with interns and volunteers.

Under our Heart work option, artistic painters and muralists can also use their skills to create art murals in the tradition of our pre-volcano ecofeminist community murals.

There will always be body work whether on the land or in community maintenance chores! Once a reservation is accepted and paid, for a 3-9 month slot on the calendar, it is gone!

Currently, the following 3-month slots are available for 2021:

  1. January - March
  2. April - June
  3. July - September
  4. October - November

Discounts apply for approved applicants who pre-pay for more than three months stay.

Hedonisia Hawaii Rentals Tiny Home Residential Options:

a) Guest Stay:

Single adult or couple: $250 a month.  As a Guest you can work at your own pace! Resident Guests are only required to do work as necessary for the maintenance of the Premises. However, we are really looking for Guests who would like to improve and beautify their jungle home. Resident Guests do not have to be involved in Heart or Brain work.

b) Intern Program!

One-time fee of $695 for a three to nine-month stay. An Intern is learning and wearing various hats. They are improving and beautifying the property while also working on Hedonisia projects that match their interests. An intern has a work requirement of 15 hours of heart or brain work per week plus property maintenance and upkeep.

c) Volunteer Program

$200 per month. The volunteer work requirement is 12 hours a week on heart, body or brain work . One relaxing job for volunteers is to paint the tiny home once it is complete!

Car Driver Priority for Tiny Home Rentals!

We give priority to applicants who have the budget to purchase or rent a car. The property is more than a mile from the 130 highway. While it is possible to walk or hitchhike to the main road, it is not advisable. Water and supplies still need to be brought in and trash taken out.

We are not a car rental agency. However, we offer a 2003 Honda CRV for Guests, Volunteers or Interns. The Maintenance and Usage Fee for this vehicle is $400 a month with a $800 Damage & Repairs Deposit.

Alternatively, you can purchase the car for $4800 based on Kelly Blue Book Value.

Car & Lodgings Special Deal!

The rental time is 9 months from March to November 2020. Because you need a car to bring supplies to your tiny home in the rainforest, we are offering a special deal. Purchase the car and you can rent the tiny hut for 9 months for only $1,800. This means you will enjoy rustic off-grid lodgings in Hawaii for $300 a month!

Our Honda CRV in front of our guava forest where we are building the tiny home.

$4,800 + $1800 = $6,600. For this price you can enjoy a cute jungle tiny home with a car for nine months in the Hawaiian rainforest! And when you leave, you can sell the car!

Please note, to qualify for this deal, you must pay in advance. Once, the car is sold, there are no refunds. You can wait till you arrive in Hawaii before deciding. However, the first person who qualifies, gets the car!

Under Hawaii law, anyone who stays at a property, whether they pay rent or work trade automatically becomes a tenant. To address the issues that arise from an off-grid rental, we have created the Hedonisia Rental Agreement.

If interested, please use the button below to apply!

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