Post-Volcano Options

With the destruction of Hedonisia Hawaii due to the Kilauea volcano eruption, our original community no longer exists.

Intellectual 'Mind Work' in Hawaii

The volunteer programs of most intentional communities in Hawaii involve physical work. However, at Hedonisia, we appreciate living in our rainforest paradise but we are not blind to the world's problems.

Feminist Entrepreneur Intern
Kate: Pre-Volcano EcoFeminist Intern in 2015

Though we are a tiny community out here in the middle of the Pacific, we are actively engaged in social entrepreneur web projects allowing qualified volunteers to 'work with their mind' in the rainforest.

Many Guests and Volunteers are only here for a limited time in Hawaii. They may prefer to do physical or creative work outside to balance their more indoor life on the mainland.

So Mind Work is optional for Volunteers & Guests! Those wanting to do Body or Heart work can skip this section. In paradise, that is completely understandable.

a) Mind Work Projects

  1. Hedonisia Handbook. This is our evolving book on sustainable community management. It is also the training manual for all Interns. Our community projects are founded on the concept of social enterprise; creating businesses that address environmental and social needs as well as making a profit.
  2. HedonisiaHawaii.com. We always need to update and edit content, photos, and info on our websites.
  3. Activist Entrepreneur: Our practical guide on how to create and manage a business by developing a product or service that improves society or the environment in a tangible way.
  4. Grant or Crowdsource Funding Writer - Experience writing Grant Applications to secure funding with relevant grants to help fund our social enterprise and community initiatives.
  5. iMovie Video Editor: We are using video more and more as a practical instructional as well as PR tool. Applicants who have experience editing video in iMovie can be part of our video projects. We use iMovie to edit our videos. So if you love video editing and can work efficiently, you are welcome to volunteer or intern with us
  6. Tech GeeksWeb Design, WordPress site maintenance. Apple or Android App Developers or other Techies with needed skills can also apply to be a Specialty Intern Community Member at Hedonisia.
  7. SEO & Social Media. Essentials include great written communication skills, a marketing background, experience with social media or Search Engine Optimization skills.

b) Mind Work Web Projects

'Pleasurable Activism' in Paradise! We have fun in our little island paradise but also work on feminist enterprise web projects with a global reach.

  • Hedonisia Lava to Lotus Web Portfolio These are the sites we work on that are part of the social entrepreneur activism we practice at Hedonisia. Volunteers provide assistance in site development, content editing and research.

If interested, be sure to let us know in your application that you have special skills related to any of the above projects.

We offer different options for those who wish to contribute more or less work in exchange for a discounted stay:

  • Hedonisia Guava Land. We are offering camping accommodations at our other property with a beautiful guava forest where we are also building a sustainable eco-friendly tiny home. Close to Kehena Beach and Kalapana.
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