Post-Volcano Options

With the destruction of Hedonisia Hawaii due to the Kilauea volcano eruption, Community Director, Mojo continues to manage the Hedonisia Lava to Lotus Web Portfolio.

We suffered a great loss with the volcano. However, Hedonisia still offers variations on our popular Intern, Volunteer & Guest programs where, based on their skills and interests, visitors can contribute Heart, Body or Brain Work.

Eco-Community Volunteer or Intern Body Work

Work as a workout. Many Volunteers and Interns who worked on our pre-volcano community described themselves as feeling more fit and healthy.

If you are from the city and have not done much physical work before do not get discouraged. We have easy tasks such as weeding or cleaning. As long as you have enthusiasm and a willingness to learn then you will pick up new skills while you are here.

Volunteer jobs for those who like BODY work

Land & Gardens

  1. Weeding - We weed the invasive species and replace them with lush flowers, plants, fruits and trees.
  2. Sustainable Gardener - Assisting in ground preparation, planting, plant identification, composting, harvesting.
  3. Landscaper - If you like working with a machete, a shovel a pickax or weedwacker then you will love our volcanic jungle landscape.

Household & Beauty

  1. Housekeeping: Kitchen & Bathroom - Light Household cleaning duties (vacuuming, dish-washing  cleaning, laundry)
  2. Community Beautification: If you have any skill such as natural home decor and see a way that you can contribute to beautify the property and it's facilities then, as long as we approve it, you can be a Community Beautician.
  3. Painting - For those of you who find it soothing to paint, we try to use recycled paint or 'oops' paint for all our painting projects.

Building & Maintenance 

  1. Garden Tool Maintenance & Repairs. A Jack or Jill of all Trades who can restore and repair some of our hand tools such as shovels, rakes etc.
  2. Repairs and Maintenance. A people friendly handy-person is always welcome at the Hedonisia as there is usually something on the property in need of repairs or improvement!
  3. Eco-Builder. Specialist Eco-Builders can work using their skills. We especially like applicants who enjoy work using renewable and recycled materials:
  4. Debarking Guava & Ohia Logs. We are using native Ohia logs and guava for our building and furniture. All logs needs to have the bark shaved off which is a great workout for abs and upper arms.
  5. Carpenter. Repairing, improving and building small projects and custom furniture. We try to use materials to build with such as  Strawberry Guava which is a fast growing tropical hardwood that is an invasive species in Hawaii.

We offer different options for those who wish to contribute more or less work in exchange for a discounted stay:

  • Hedonisia Guava Land. We are offering camping accommodations at our other property with a beautiful guava forest where we are building a sustainable eco-friendly tiny home. Close to Kehena Beach and Kalapana.

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