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Archive Page: Hedonisia Hawaii EcoFeminist Community

The 2018 Kilauea volcanic eruption destroyed our community in Hawaii.
Until then, we continue to work on the Hedonisia Lava to Lotus Web Portfolio.
This page will remain part of the Archive of Pre-Volcano Hedonisia. 

Hedonisia Post-Volcano Volunteer, Intern & Guest Programs

We are still waiting for the county to restore road access. In the interim, we offer scaled down programs at the following location:

  • Hedonisia Guava Land. Until we can return to our post-volcano land, we are building a sustainable tiny home using locally sourced wood. This will be a temporary base for Hedonisia until we can return to our volcano home.


Hedonisia has sensual and quirky murals and artworks throughout the property that were created by artists as part of their Volunteer or Intern contribution.

Jungle Queen Female Empowerment
Jungle Queen Mural

Under these programs, if you are an experienced artist, you can work with your heart painting murals, carving or creating other artworks on the property.

With a name like Hedonisia, it's not a surprise that the artworks adorning the community are a little suggestive! However, as an eco-feminist community the celebrates the sensual power of Jungle Queens, our art is also political.

Heart Work

Hedonisia Jungle Cottage Mural
Dragon Lady Mural - Side of Jungle Cottage

EcoFeminist, Sex Positive & Quirky Art at our Eco-Community

At Hedonisia quirkiness is not just a word but part of our business practice. It is not only about work. Pleasure and fun are essential elements of our community. One of the ways that we show our sassy side is with the art and signs we have throughout the community.

Hedonisia Jungle Cottage Mural
Jungle Cottage Air Mural
Hedonisia Kitchen Mural
Hedonisia Kitchen Sun Women Mural Art


Viking Queen Eco-Hut Mural
Viking Queen Eco-Hut Mural

In our new property, Hedonisia Solitude where we are building our first eco-huts, we will definitely be looking for mural artists from November 2019 onwards.

Cozy Nook side mural
Blue woman with mushrooms and butterfly on Cozy Nook











Jungle Viking Queens
Jungle Viking Queens


Empowered Woman - Pele Mural
Empowered Woman - Pele Mural










Application Form

For Intern Managers, Weekly/Monthly Guests & Fair-Trade Volunteers.
Use this form if you have read about our programs and are ready to apply!
Please allow 10-20 minutes to complete this online application.