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Hedonisia Hawaii Botanical Plant Inventory

Albizia Trees

Name of Plant: Albizia Trees

Type of Plant: Weed!

1) Plant History & General Information:

a) Scientific & Other Names: Albizia lebbeck; Silktree

b) Region of Origin: African Savannah Tree

c) General History: Albizia lebbeck is widely spread in the world, and its tree has large leaves and fragrant cluster of green-yellow flowers and long seed pods. Belonging to the family of Leguminosae, it is native to tropical Asia and widely cultivated and naturalized in other tropical and subtropical regions including south-east Africa.

2) Plant Uses:

a) As Food: /

b) As Medicine: The flowers, bark, fruits, roots, and stems of Albizia lebbeck are all used for medicine. A paste of leaves is used to treat skin problems. Albizia lebbeck is also known for treating respiratory problems including allergies. Furthermore, other parts of the plants are used to treat eye problem, purify blood, and promote health in teeth. 

c) Other Uses: It is an excellent fuelwood and charcoal species, and the wood is suitable for construction, furniture, and veneer. The shallow root system makes it a good soil binder and recommendable for soil conservation and erosion control.

Albizia cuttings and branches are good nitrogen fixers. Legumes like this pull moisture from the air.

3) Growing Instructions

a) Growing: /

b) Best time to Harvest: /

c) Sunlight Requirements: /

d) Soil Requirements: /

e) Propagation: No we don’t propagate! We allow a few to stay on the outer edge of Garden A but we remove all the others.

f) Controlling Spread: Cut down new sprouts and uproot from roots.

g) Difficulties with this plant: Be cautious of Albizia trees during storms! As a result of their shallow root system, they tend to fall when winds occur. 

h) History of this Plant at Hedonisia: Albizia trees are spread widley throughout the whole property. Usually they are hard to harvest because of their height, but there are a couple low branches one can pick of leaves.

i) Location on Property: Around the street side of the crater at Garden A